Sanford & Ransom (Channel 24 Memphis) Salivating from Hate

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When journalism has gone wrong it’s up to non-professionals to call out those who’ve missed the mark.

Ransom and Sanford have put their profession to the side while they stoop to a new low in journalism. They both are commentators on channel 24 Memphis TV news program.

During the 1968 garbage strikes, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. was ask to come to Memphis and help those poor people get a better working environment, decent pay, and other human rights benefits. That’s when the Memphis media cranked their hate machine and turned it towards Dr. King. They were very successful in decimating lies, division between citizens, and a false narrative about Dr. King. This writer surmises, the local media created the environment that made it conducive for the assassination of Dr. King.

Sanford and Ransom, et al are repeating this successfully strategy against Judge Joe Brown. They’re falsely charging him with some kind malfeasance but, having never spoken to the Judge about those charges. Their conduct is a major strike against journalism. In fact, they’re taking Memphians as stupid fools. In addition, they’re refusing to acknowledge just how far removed their journalistic integrity has fallen.

They’ve become personally involved in what would ordinarily be a non-news story. Their body language and choice of words cement their hatred and disdain for Judge Joe Brown. No wonder, Memphis is such a violent place, those at the top display notorious hate towards a man who is trying to make a difference.

What’s really important is: when are those untested rape kits are going to get tested? Judge Joe Brown wants those kits tested, why? Because, he understands that until they’re tested, we really have no idea who are rapists. One local TV news station reported that approximately 12,000 untested rape kits are backlogged.

Judge Joe Brown

Let’s take a look at what Judge Joe Brown said that has caused Sanford and Ransom to attempt spinning his statement false. First, the only News agency that didn’t report on the gossip and tabloid journalism is also the only African American Newspaper in the city, Tri-State Defender. Mr. Brown made this statement, “I don’t wanna be crude about it, but some places you need to go to exercise leadership, some of the ladies in here would get drug into an abandoned apartment and raped. That’s one of the problems.” But, the Memphis Media wouldn’t add his final statements and the women there downplayed and picked up the hot tabloid. Judge Joe Brown interjected the most important issue in our lifetime, thousands of women have been raped and those men (rapists) have not been held accountable.

How insensitive these people, they would rather attack and attempt to destroy a man’s character than deal with the issue, within our city, women are accosted and raped. What are they afraid of, Judge Joe Brown, if he becomes Mayor, would get these rape kits tested? Remember, Memphians don’t know who these rapists are. How could one be outraged by words, but totally overlook thousands of women who have lived through one of the worst experiences of their lives.

Judge Joe Brown said the right thing, tell women and girls this city is dangerous and bring back to focus the 12,000 untested rape kits. The words sound harsh but, in Memphis, it’s the truth. Sure, as a woman, you would like to think that our city is safe and you could go anywhere without protection, but are you going to do it without thinking about your safety? I don’t think so, women aren’t foolish. Judge Joe Brown set himself out from the other candidates by speaking the truth and having the courage to do so. He didn’t choose pretty words to remind us the life in Memphis is extremely dangerous and more specifically, for women and children.

It’s likely that race, celebrity status, success, own man, un-bought, and free are why Sanford and Ransom felt very comfortable devaluing and disenfranchising their citizenry. Not a single News agency followed up Judge’s statement with an interview. They are more concerned with his not having a voice than treating him as a man who has a vision. They have decided for the people their interest and knowledge isn’t important by shutting out Judge Joe Brown.

Richard Ransom has some controversy of his own. He was escorted out of the building of a local TV station for something never disclosed. Now he’s back attempting to destroy and tarnish someone else’s character.

Richard Ransom

Memphis media are bent on reporting false news when it’s about African Americans. They’ve always hated to cover those things honestly that are important to them. Although their population is about 65% the media pretends African-Americans don’t exist. Any African American would know where Judge Joe Brown’s sentiments are and where he’s coming from, but when racists, because of their politics and so-called white supremacy decide to lynch a black man’s character, many other African Americans can’t help but, to go along.

Professor Otis Sanford

Hate and violence seem to be center stage in Memphis. Professor Otis Sanford is a commentator of channel 24 TV along with Richard Ransom. They both aren’t really good in commentary but, when it comes journalism their southern heritage speaks for itself. Neither has recognizable respect for their own trade and neither should be in a position to comment on anything. They both distorted the truth, generated a false narrative, and committed character assassination just as those old journalists did to Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. during his arrival into Memphis, Tennessee to help sanitation workers fight for a better quality of life.